We are the Marketing Department for the Technologist.
Pay for what you need, not what you don’t.
Strategy, Tactics, Branding, Acquisitions.
Improve your profitability, logically.

Grow smarter

Trying to diversify?

Looking for more customers?

We can help.


At Logical Marketing, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs.

When running a small to mid-size business, you sometimes need to call in a specialist to help break through a plateau in sales, pinch-hit on marketing issues, or add depth on a due diligence project.

That’s what we do.


Fill your glass

If you see your glass as half empty, pour it into a smaller glass and stop bitching. Half empty In the past three years alone: my accountant passed away from pancreatic cancer my photographer passed away from too many cancers to count three close neighbors died from heart-related surgical complications my dad had a catastrophic …

Just Do It!

Get ‘er done! Execute! Press Play! Lots and lots of sayings, inspirational quotes, even advertising campaigns to tell us what we already know. We must move to create change. Move. Kick your saboteur to the curb. The little voice in your head that says “it’s not perfect” — tell it to shut up.  If you …


The BioScience Center

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