How Technology Companies can use YouTube

How Manufacturers and B-to-B will use Social Media is bound to change and mature over the next few years, an outlet I’ve found tremendously helpful is YouTube.

  1. Product demos, especially of large systems
  2. How-to-fix videos, of especially complex steps in the field
  3. Training videos for staff
  4. How customers use the products
  5. The types of OEM products that customers sell
  6. How product can be damaged and how to test/look for that type of damage
  7. How the product is made as a sales tool for building credibility with customers
  8. Commentary captured per Youtube video can be used to improve future videos

As in all things, the more professional the video, the more professional the impression that will be made.

  1. Watch videos you like and don’t like and take notes:
  2. How long should you make it?
  3. Break into smaller segments as appropriate (think in terms of chapters) and to enable better streaming
  4. Break into chapters where steps 1 and 4 go quickly but 2 & 3 may need to be reviewed a few times. By breaking into smaller sections the user can more easily re-review the trickier steps
  5. Title sections so it is obvious if one section is missing in the search results
  6. Scripting of the voice-over. How the voice-over talks
  7. Camera work. Put it on a tripod and keep the zooms to a minimum
  8. When interviewing people, put their names and titles at the bottom
  9. Where and when to put the company name on the video
  10. Don’t forget a call to action
    a. Call us
    b. Go to our website
    c. Depending on the content, it may be appropriate to make the video available to download officially – once they’ve registered on your website
  11. Title appropriately
  12. Measure results. If the videos aren’t getting the financial results you need, re-evaluate why

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