National Bean Day

I confess

I missed getting holiday cards out. Then I missed sending out Happy New Year’s cards out. Apparently I sent client-thank-you-presents out, but forgot to say who they were from…

I could throw in the towel and give up or I could drop back a few yards, punt, and try again.

I decided to follow my own advice:  don’t give up; don’t allow myself the luxury of pain; and do my best even if I think no one is looking.

Find another day, way, touch point

As marketers, we are always looking for the excuse to reach out to our customers. To say “Hey, we are still here. Buy from us. Talk to us.”

A client, Ed, pointed out that I had a unique way of finding humor. Also, he said people don’t notice you sometimes until you are gone (he was amazed at how many people came to his store only after he put the “going out of business” sign up).

Another client introduced me as “someone who used to write.” Oops, is my “out of business” sign up?

It occurred to me that every day is a “national holiday” of some sort or another. I had found my excuse. Now I needed to find my humor and a little Mo & Jo.

What’s your excuse?

Looking for a calendar of “days”?

National Bean Day

According to several websites, January 6 is National Bean Day.

The Huffington Post supposed it was to honor “Gregor Mendel, who famously used bean and pea plants to test his theories on inheritance. Mendel died on this day in 1884.”

For those trying to lose weight or improve their diet as part of their New Year’s resolutions, they may wish/want/desire a little push to increase the healthy in their diet. From the National Day website:

Today, just as throughout the Old and New World history, beans are an important source of protein. A very healthy choice for any meal or snack, they are also an excellent source of fiber, are low in fat and are high in complex carbohydrates, folate and iron.

If you are a fan of Michael Pollan and his book or documentary “In Defense of Food”, you can have beans and feel satisfied that you have eaten food, mostly plants (and hopefully), not too much!

There you go — January 6, National Bean Day.

PS. I think you can also have Jelly Beans for dessert!