Pick a Time

As the Navy likes to say, “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail.”

Plan Your Marketing Communications

If you want to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing dollars and time, then you have to plan. Period. Maybe I’m type A and like things to be orderly — but I do not think so.

Plan the course

Without a plan, you cannot easily tell what is and what is not working. I like to think of Marketing Plans and Business Strategy Plans as a an intended course the ship needs to sail. The only way to know if we are on course or not is to refer to where we are against where we said we were going to be.

How do your customers seek and find information?

I like to take a spreadsheet and create a matrix: what information and in what channel and for whom?

 BrandProduct PromotionNew Product ReleaseEvent Promotion
WebsiteBrand goalsWhich products
What information
Call to action
Lead capture
Which products
When will they release
Call to action
Product releases
Do you need a calendar?
Press ReleaseWhich products?
Which magazines?
Which other forms of media?
Push EmailCalendar of releases by event (tradeshow, product is finally ready, etc)Releases of products by event
Location of booth
Call to set up appointments in advance of show
Google AdwordsBrand message
Product VPs
Audience (where in world)
What formats to be re-marketed into?
Print AdvertisingBrand messageWhich products
Which magazines
What is BIG message

What is it that you hope to achieve in each channel and how will you know you have succeeded?

  • Target number of opens or click-thrus
  • Targeted leads and/or companies (number, quality, and specific names)
  • Target number of quotes, orders, and sales

The matrix can be however you like to think of your “To-Do’s”. Another way to do the matrix is by calendar year.

 Quarter 1Quarter 2Quarter 3Quarter 4
BrandGoogle adwords
Print ad
Google adwords
Banner ads on trade
Print ad
Banner ads on trade
Product PromotionPush emails for Product 1Google adwords for product 1
Print ad
Push emails for Product 2Google adwords for Product 2
Print ad
New Product ReleaseLaunch at Tradeshow 1Push emails for Product 3Launch at Tradeshow 2Push emails for Product 4